Together {Five Minute Friday}

Every Friday, we link up with Lisa-Jo of the gypsy mama, and in her words–“we write like we used to run when we were kids. On Fridays we write with gusto, unselfconscious and flat out.” –we write for five minutes only with a one-word prompt– no editing, no back-tracking, and no worrying if it’s perfect!If you enjoy this at all, and would like to see more writing with gusto, click on her button at the bottom and read others’ posts!



I’m scared to put fingertips to keyboard and tap out “together” because I don’t understand together like I would like to.

But I do want to get this together, this community, this caring, this relationship. I want to learn it in the synapses, in the heart strings, for the endings to get the message that Jesus came for relationship with me so that I could reach out to others.

This woman, the cancer-survivor champion, she chases after me, and she causes me to reach arms out and up to God. She pours deeply into my soul.

The Life-Surrendered mama, she invests her time richly in me, makes me a better homeschooling, loving, godly mama.

The filipino girl, she makes me soar with the wings she gives with her life-breathed encouragement.

And there’s this Tennessee woman, the Tuning Her Heart woman, who looks into me and sees something of value.

And then there’s the quirky Californian-Asian girl whose love knows no bounds and always sticks by me when I’m at my craziest, and messiest and she loves me more for it.

Maybe I do understand together. They have come and wrapped arms ’round and made me understand.


Friends, I would LOVE for you to leave your thoughts–your comments are so precious, and minister to my soul–I am probably in a corner of my home somewhere cleaning up potty-training baby girl’s messes, picking up sticky banana peels off my couch, sorting through laundry and apple cores, doing a Jillian Michael’s workout with eldest daughter, helping my second grader with grammar, or packing all four girls to go off with their grandparents’ for the weekend {yay!} ….I am sorry that I cannot answer every comment, but please let me know you were here, so I can stop by your place and leave some encouragement for you!


10 thoughts on “Together {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. Isn't it awesome to stop for a moment and see people's finger prints on our lives? I know I have some of those people I treasure dearly!

    (And I like your comment's disclaimer! I have a potty training two year old girl that does not really want to be potty trained just yet!)

  2. If we were all to take off our masks and costumes, I think it would surprise us to find we are all a mess, have deep scars, and limp heavily. It's together, in community, whether 2 by 2 or in a group, that we bear one another's burdens, and thus we all make it on this journey Home. I love Elizabeth's comment above — people's fingerprints on our lives. That's the way it is. And you, my dear, have left YOURS on my life, that is for sure!

  3. Oh, lovely write, Nacole. I started blogging no more than 6 months ago and never expected to feel the cyber hug as much as I do! Love how God's arms can wrap around us through the computer screen 🙂 So blessed by you!

  4. This photo carries such beautiful emotion with it… such individual character in each face… and how we glean from each other and grow strong… together
    A Lovely five minutes!

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