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Hello there! If you are reading this, that means you are curious, and want to know us more intimately, and that is so cool! We have gathered together in a sweet, laid-back, tight little community here of writers and we want to share that community with you, too. We’re over the moon happy you are here. Oh yeah, you wanted to know more about these Concrete Words writers who rock! They are amazing word-wielders, who fill a blank canvas with the beauty of their art. I not only admire their writing, but I know them as women of character and they have been a friend to me as well. Kick your shoes off; we want to conversate with you over hot tea or wine (or other adult beverage of choice *wink*).

So, I’ll tell ya a little about me first, and then we’ll get to this amazing team behind it all!….



Hey y’all, I’m the Over-Seer, Editor and Head-Encourager here. I’m a non-conformist, artist, day-dreamer, and fashion-loving southern mom of four girls, lover to one good, steady, car-building, art-creating man. We call home the Deep South, where I spend weekends with books in the hammock, running around the lake, or roasting marshmallows over a bonfire with my kids. Honest to a fault, and preferring deep conversations to small talk, I speak straight to the elephant in the room. A lover of the hurting , the shunned, and the un-churched, I’m convinced Jesus was serious when he said he came for the sick. Stuffing the sacred just doesn’t cut it, so my words often edge toward the radical, the raw, and the real. This is holy ground, and you are invited in. If you get the urge, please connect with me on my  facebook writerly page!



Alia Joy is a storyteller, speaker, and homeschooling mother of three making her home in Central Oregon. She shares her life and hangs out in the comment section with readers of her blog – –a resting place for the beauty she finds woven throughout even the most broken of stories. Her personal tale touches on so many of the hurts of today’s women–depression and abuse, race and culture, body image and the hard work of seeing God’s glory in the mess. She loves to help others tell their stories and has co-led the (in)couraging writers community group where she is continually inspired. She is also a regular contributor to the Allume and (in)courage blogs and can be found on twitter  hashtagging all the things, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and making goo goo eyes at her husband.



Ashley Larkin is a story collector, wife to Michael and mother of three shining daughters. She longs to be a place of welcome and seeks hard after the hope and beauty found in broken things. Ashley and her family live in a 110-year-old fixer-upper in Portland, Oregon, with a lived-in yard filled with all manner of creativity, including many imaginary vegetable plots. Their yard is shaded by a grove of horse chestnut trees so large that few real things (besides a dog and children) thrive in its shade. You can find Ashley blogging about living fully awake to the glory and mess of  everyday moments here and on Twitter here.


Capture.PNG_Kelli_3Kelli Woodford  considers curiosity a serious expedition and is rarely satisfied with anything remotely status quo. She collects friendships with people as different as they can be and feels all the richer for it, but never experiences “home” so much as when she is with her best friend–who also happens to be her husband. They make their abode in Love, but also in the Midwest with their seven blue-eyed children. You can read more of her tantalizing words here at her blog, where she chronicles grace in everyday life, or find her hanging out here on Twitter  and Facebook .



As a life-long wanderer and visionary, Lorretta has discovered how to make herself at home any ol’ place and bloom wherever she’s planted. There’s a contagious pep in her cowgirl boot-clad step, and Georgia dirt seems to find its way beneath her fingernails -she’s not afraid to work hard and get a little dirty!  Divine risk and holy adventure are branded into her DNA and she’s privileged to work with her best friend and husband, David, as a filmmaker, photographer and media designer. Together as media missionaries they seek to go, find, and tell the extraordinary stories of God found often in the ordinary– whether it’s across lands and oceans or right across the street.  Lorretta is self-professed food snob, a jellybelly-aholic, cat lover, and a weaver of words. She plays well with others, doesn’t run with scissors and tends to her own word-garden at



Ruth is Christian, mummy of two, wife to one, SAHM, and a registered nurse. Once upon a time she was a teen mum too and her beautiful daughter is now nine years old. She loves notebooks to near inappropriate levels, as well as music and buttery toast. Her life has been by no means white-picket fenced but she’s working on her future, one scribbled-down page at a time. You can find her twittering away here    


Tammy is a writer, collaborator, and encourager of big dreams, who also has learned that inter-personal relationships can both wreck you and build you up.  She’s a renaissance woman who’s scattered pigeons at Notre Dame, swam the coral reefs of Okinawa, spent the night in a castle, but surprisingly finds herself now living on a farm in tim-buck-two, Texas. This poet at heart homeschools for now, throws her head back when laughing, talks her family into hair-brained photographs, and occasionally drives an ol’ John Deere tractor. She’s a visionary over here but spills her guts here.


Facebook Team:

Capture.PNG_4.jpg_5 Joy Lenton is a poet and blogger who writes from a Christian perspective with a heart for the hurting. Some of her poetry has been published in various anthologies over the years, and she is currently working on one of her own. As an M.E. and chronic illness sufferer who is overcoming a painful past by the grace of God, she aims to encourage and support others going through challenging circumstances.  You can find her blogging here and twittering here.

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