Grit {Five Minute Friday}

For Five Minute Fridays, we link up with Gypsy Mama, Lisa-Jo, and write for only five minutes, just for the fun of it, no tedious editing or over-thinking!


                            {thanks to my sister, @ Tri Junkie, for sending the picture} 

It takes grit to do what I do, to be a Mama to four, to rise above my circumstances, my past, my illness and stay strong.

It takes a grit that comes from my grandmother and my father. He says I’m just like my grandmother, but I never knew her. I wish I had.

I would have had a lot of questions for her, like where did she get her grit? How did she stay strong through the beatings and raise three sons, watching one die in her arms, just three? How did she get through that?

What kind of grit did it take for her to rise each morning with a song? How did she find the courage to wake her boys early every single day and say, “Up and at ’em!”

I want that kind of grit.

I have an idea what she might say.

I get the feeling in my gut, because her and I think so much alike, that she would have said she got her grit from God.

She was an evangelist, a very good one. Her bible was worn, her hymnal music sheets tattered from loving use. I’m sure her knees were too.

That’s the kind of grit I’m talking about.


Join me over at Lisa-Jo’s for more “writing like we can fly”………this is going to be FUN!

16 thoughts on “Grit {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. yes. this grit is a gift. I too have some of this from my grandmother, my dad's mom… and now my daughter? she is fully flamed with grit. passion. determination. My grandma passed away 3 weeks before my daughter was born. We feel God kept a little of my grandma burning brightly when we ushered her sweet soul in.

  2. Wow! 4 girls! We have two…and I joke that we can't handle any more estrogen in the house!

    What a beautiful post…I want that kind of grit too…the kind we see in the faces of our ancestors…some how it seems that they had a grit that seems hard to find in our culture today. A toughness…a toughness that I too desire…

    love how you say the grit to rise with song each day…I want that too…and the same voice in my gut tells me the same thing yours does…that it comes from drawing closer to God. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Tara,

    you visiting me–beauty. *tears streaming* as i read this. thank you for sharing. i am so sorry about your grandmother and so happy for the precious one that reminds you of her.

    i wish so desperately i could have known my grandmother–i want so badly to talk to her. regrets like these remind us to not take any moments we are given for granted. blessings, friend!

  4. ha ha, Lisa, yes, Husband gets more than his dose of womanly hormones!

    tears began streaming as i read Tara's words, and then your's…i am a *hot mess*. i miss my grandmother, i miss that i never got the chance to know her. the strength that she had, i hope that she knows she still inspires today, that her life meant something.

    yes, that knowing that it comes from God…this is important…blessings, friend!

  5. Hello! I have been told I am a lot like my Grandmother also and she had some grit! I was lucky to know her, but not for very long. God totally knew what he was doing when he created you- to give you the same thing that kept your grandma going. Just think, you will {one day} get to be a grandma that your grandkids can look up to! Praying for you!

  6. I say you did get your grit from God…it is a wonderful the way you hold on….through the tempest…through the calm…always finding your ultimate strength in Him….thanks for you comment…so thankful you have found community and support here…have a blessed weekend…xoxoxox

  7. Jen,

    you are a sweet lady, always coming by here. always nice to see your smiling face.

    i feel the same about my grandmother. i hope i can have half the grit she did! blessings, friend!

  8. Mindy,

    what a beautiful thing for you to pray for me, not even knowing me. i have been astounded by the loving generosity of the women in this community–*thank you*.

    yes, He knew what He was doing when He created me–thank you for that. you have encouraged.

    blessings, sister!

  9. oh Ro,

    thank you so much! so comforting to hear your words as always. your words, dear friend, they melt my heart, and give me strength to keep going. your words make me brave!

    *so thankful* for you! blessings–xoxo!

  10. Something in your words makes me want to know you more…to be friends…

    Thank you for sharing your heart here…and your grandmother…her picture is beautiful!

  11. ooh, Lindsey,

    what an endearing thing to say! that makes me want to know YOU more! thank you about the picture–i thought it was rather beautiful also. i will be visiting your place!

    blessings to you, friend!

  12. Just shows that you don't need a novel to express true emotions. This made me cry, mostly because I think about what it might have been like to really know who Grandma was. I have a brief moment of anger towards the man who kept us from her, then sadness for what she must have had to endure and finally grief for not knowing the wonderful person she most likely was. She, Granny and other women of her generation are a great example to us! I want to have grit to!

  13. This was wonderful… to think of the strong women before us, who endured so much… it makes me feel a bit like a spoiled child… I often think of this kind of courage… and if I would really possess it the face of real adversity… I would just have to believe, because of God, I would…


    Thanks for this… I am so very glad to have met you!

  14. this was beautiful, Sumer. i want to have grit, too! i like to think that because of God and Grandma, i do. but i know it has a lot to do with God! love you!

  15. Michele,

    i didn't see this comment until now–i'm sorry! i like what you said here. wow. yes, i agree with you. i hope that God is maturing this grit in me.

    love to you, friend!

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