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Here I’m Known {Also A Highlight of Concrete Words & Other Writers that Rock +Beauty for Your Weekend!}

I lie there on her breast and my cries are instantly quieted, my heart is calmed, the
beating and fast-breathing slow.
I am nourished here, loved here, held here.
I lie with them, their cheeks have all been at my breast,
their mouths searching for the warm that ran
and nurtured them
skin to skin
they were loved here,
held here
known here
We run in sunlight together,
they call to me in afternoon
the flowers swaying in breeze
 birds calling and swooping
they yell, Mama, come play
I give over silently and jump up there
We are soaring, jumping into the air
like so much flying and freedom
wind caught in our hair
laughter ringing out
here a moment is captured,
Here I am known by them
They see me when I laugh
and my eyes crinkle
and they know its the love for them
that makes eyes sparkle in mid-day
I look over and see his soft plaid pajama pants
The fuzzy wooly hairs make me feel toasty
It’s raining outside
I hear drops falling hard on the roof
Hitting our metal air-conditioning unit
We lie in bed at night together
He lays an arm around me, wraps tight
spoons in close
I scoot back, tuck in just right.
He is so warm
and here is all I ever want to be
I could lie here with him like this my whole life
Here I’m held,
Here I’m loved
Here I’m known.

**On Fridays I join Lisa-Jo and the #FiveMinuteFriday Community. We write for five minutes flat, with no extreme editing, no worrying about perfect grammar, no worrying if our words sound just right. “Unscripted. Unedited. Real.”–Lisa-Jo Baker

The one-word prompt this week: COMFORT.

 Five Minute Friday

Now for #concretewords highlight of the week! The writer(s) I’m highlighting this week for #concretewords is: {they were too good and I couldn’t choose!}

Holly Grantham at A Lifetime of Days–The Road
Maryleigh of Blue Cotton Memory–Blueberry Patch Road
Loretta of Dancing on the Dash (can I say, first, I’m in love with this blog title)–Stumbling Blocks and Altars

Some lovely reading, some creativity, some beauty for the weekend?

All the best links for me this week: {If you’re a mom, quick–scroll down to Lisa-Jo’s link and read, watch the video, and hit print on that lovely bookmark to remind yourself on the days when you feel you can’t keep going and it isn’t worth it–that you are mighty, because you mother.}

Nish Weiseth–A Personal Revival–Absolutely this. If you can only read one thing on this list, this one.

hill+pen–Bring On The Rain–Words escape me, trying to describe this write by Amanda Johnston-Hill. Just read it. This is sacred. This is beautiful. This is God in our midst.

The G.O.S.P.E.L.–This. is. wonderful. The girls and I listened and inhaled truth and exhaled grace. For your weekend–a reminder of The. Most. Important. Thing. Carry it with you all weekend as you rest in Him?

G.O.S.P.E.L. from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo.

John Piper–The Gospel in Six Minutes 

Jennifer Lee–How To Really Shine (Even If You’re Feeling Small)–Whoa, lovely Jennifer mentors and gently encourages the moms and all of us with her exquisite words, her hushed lullaby writing….

Lisa-Jo Baker–Mighty Mom Video and Printable–all of us mothers need this–this weekend…just breathe…

Ann Voskamp–The Ultimate Girlfriend Gift–Oh, I just can’t get over Ann’s words, and every time she writes on this topic, my heart aches, and my soul sings, and I long to do crazy things…. A must read. 

“When you feel like you are losing your way, that is what your sisters are here for — to sing your Father’s song to you, all of us singing it soft and strong and certain —
We your sisters, will sing your beauty when you see yourself ugly.
We your sisters, will sing you wanted when you see yourself broken.
We your sisters, will sing you hope when you only feel hurt.

We your sisters, will sing you Beloved — when you just can’t believe.”

Chronicles of Grace– Kelli Woodford–And So It Begins…I. love. this. Yes, yes, yes!

Janel Andrews–This made me weep so very good.  

These beautiful music videos below are truly awe-inspiring. Right where you are, take a peek into the world around you this weekend? Join in the rhythm of God’s heartbeat…

MANY STEPS from Takayuki Akachi on Vimeo.