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Fear of Failure And A Hard Day {Day 9}

Isn’t it hard to admit when we have failed, according to our own standards, or according to the standards that we think others put on us?

At 9:26, after a long, grueling day of which I will spare you the details, I sit here and stare blankly at my computer. And I got nothin’.

Husband walks around the house, wanting time with  me {Hallelujah, something I should be thankful for!}. Instead of being irritated in my utter mind-numbing exhaustion, something tells me I should go cuddle up next to him and purr–be the soft wife he wants and needs.

So I’m letting go of my perceived failure, and fears of all the what-if’s and shoulds and should nots, and I’m reaching out for what is eternal–love. And I’m embracing the rest and the grace that is reigning down on me tonight and it’s been a long time coming.

I’m supposed to be writing for 31 straight days on fear. And I won’t give up.

But there are just times that you don’t call it giving up–you call it surrender, with arms stretched up to heaven and out, filled with all this love, these chubby hands patting me calling Mama, these man-arms that wrap ’round me on our living room couch.