The Rhythm of Rest {The Way of A Child}

I lie down in a grassy field, roll down it’s hills, and the rolling it could go on for days
for a child carefree
The sun melts me, revives me, sets me free
I love it’s light on my face
I squeal and scream and I hear the muffled squealing of her next to me
That the lumps and bumps mush up against hips and backs doesn’t matter
I don’t feel the thorns, just the rolling, the excited tremor
like waves, lapping against my legs, my face
the warmth of the orange orb on my face
I feel it always in summer time
How free I am
I relax in it’s rest,
Free fall into it’s arms and drift off,
like ripples gently pirouetting on a lake
I watch them keep rhythm
And the steadiness, it drums, and I hear the music all around
It’s humming me to sleep
The birds call as I pick spider lilies on the hillside,
I take them into my mother, with a smile and she mirrors me,
twinkles, and she gives them water, places them on the sill
I run back outside in a whoosh,
roll down the hill again. laughing.

How free she looks, friends. Can you see it, feel it? I want to be just like my kids when I grow up.

On Fridays, I link up with Lisa-Jo’s community of flash mob writers to write for five minutes, no back-tacking, no editing, just for the fun of it, to remember why I love writing, to not worry if every i is dotted and every t is crossed, to write like I mean it and leave it that way. Honestly, I’ve never had more fun–if you’d like to join in, or read more, look for Lisa-Jo’s button below and click.

“This is where a brave and beautiful bunch gather every week to find out what comes out when we all spend five minutes writing on the same topic and sharing ’em over here.”–Lisa Jo

Today’s word prompt was REST.

Five Minute Friday

10 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Rest {The Way of A Child}”

  1. Hi Nacole! I'm visiting from FMF. Your writing is so poetic…absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was right there, rolling with you! Thanks for a few more moments of rest today! 🙂

  2. Oh Nacole, how I love this. I am with you on that hillside, friend, rolling
    and the ripple…
    it goes on and on and on.
    Grace and peace to you.

  3. Oh sweet one. I want to be a child when I grow up to. Is that your Lilly? She is beautiful. So beautiful. Love this. My poetic heart hears yours. Its so lovely my friend. You and your voice sound well, so well. Happy frolicing this weekend.

  4. So, I intended to comment on your post and then your MY STYLE Board sort of sucked me in and now I can't focus until I go repin those striped flats.

    Happy Sunday, girl.

  5. Julie, what a sweet thing to say. Your words are so kind– thank you. I am so very glad you visited me. Let's roll together, friend.

  6. Oh Holly, rolling together, you and I. Isn't it fun, friend? We are kindred, indeed. I know it every time I read your words and you read mine. Love you.

  7. My dear Elizabeth, every time you speak words to me, they are life. Thank you for that. Yea, that's my sweet, beautiful Lilly. She is so precious to me. We can be children together Elizabeth, you and I. It's all about the mental Outlook, isn't it? Love you, friend.

  8. Amy, you made me giggle out loud, really. And you totally made my night. Thanks for coming to read my words. Maybe you and I will actually get to buy some striped flats instead of just pin them? One can hope. Love to you, sweet girl.

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