Spread Wide {Five Minute Friday}

Around here on Friday, I try to play along with the Five Minute Friday group at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog. We let our words fly out of the cage and soar–just for five minutes, without fear of what flies out of hearts through fingertips onto keyboards, no editing, no back-tracking. no worrying if it’s perfect, just from a one-word prompt. Come play along too? Here we gooo……


She wanders out to soak in the sun beneath an oak,
in the dappled light that traces her skin and makes her feel alive.
She notices the Spider Lilly, just one lone lilly in all it’s beauty
and splendor, tall and strong, defiant right there in the open
It screams red color and life and it’s independence to her
And she knows she’s like the flower, too.
She knows she’s been one lone reed,
She knows she’s even been defiant in her aloneness
Unwilling to break, to bend, to meld into their box,
to cower in their corners they try to back her into.
She knows the rejection the flower must feel
But she looks again and sees how the lilly opens wide
to the air, the breeze, the sun and God above.
She notices it’s spreading and taking in, it’s unfolding
and yes, even it’s love, it’s giving
Shining it’s beauty so brilliant, just there for others to behold
And she knows that like the flower, she must find her way to spread
wide and give and receive.


{This week’s prompt was wide}.

Would you like to come play along, to write words and release them from their prison, let them soar? Sheer JOY!!

Five Minute Friday

17 thoughts on “Spread Wide {Five Minute Friday}”

  1. That flower is amazing! so little, so beautiful, in an open area near such big trees! Kind of like us, so little next to our big, big God – with His arms opened wide to us. Thank you for sharing – found you from FMF over at Lisa-Jo's.

  2. Oh, your words are simply lovely! I could so identify with the defiant, lone flower and I could, through your wonderfully woven words, feel the radiance of God, the radiance of the sun, shine on those open petals. Well done!

  3. Very beautiful prose. I felt the Lord was speaking to you through this – that you are ready to fly wide… The Lord is releasing you into new ministry – Praise Him! Bless You!

  4. Wow, Nacole. I have a son like this and what a great new way to look at him. He needs to be taught how to stand there indepepndent in a way that honors the glory of God that has been placed in him and on him in full strength. My job is to feed that and nurture it and train it. Quite a challenge, but the imagery you've placed here show wy it needs to be done. Who can help but praise God for the spectacle of that one lone flower. Now, excuse me while I have some gardening to attend to.

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