Aching for the Sunrise–A prayer {Five Minute Fridays}

“So we take five minutes on Friday and write like we used to finger paint. For joy in the process. No matter how messy the result.”–Lisa Jo

I’m joining Lisa-Jo and the community of women over at Gypsy Mama today for writing like I used to fingerpaint–just for fun, no editing, no over-thinking, no back-tracking!

Our one-word prompt: ACHE.


I ache for my children to rise and call me blessed.

I ache for the sunrise to find me in pure joy.

I want to be the kind of woman when her feet touch the floor in the morning, Satan says, “She’s up!”

I want to touch feet to floor and the first thing I think of is not coffee, but “Good morning, Father.”

Some mornings He catches me off guard and He is there so powerfully beside me that all I can do is catch my breath and let a gentle greeting slip out.

And in my humanness, of course I ask Him to help me with my day. He already knows I need the help. No need hiding it from Him.

I pray He comes and He stays with me. I need Him here so desperately. My heart aches and my soul longs for thee, Oh God, only for Thee.

I am scared to take the next breath without You. None of this works without you. Rescue me.

Wake me with the sunrise. Teach my children to follow after thee.


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Join us for the fun of it!….

20 thoughts on “Aching for the Sunrise–A prayer {Five Minute Fridays}”

  1. beautiful heart and beautiful prayers. How much more does our Father think so…the prayers of a Righteous (wo)man avail MUCH! be powerfully blessed to day friend

  2. I love your thoughts on what Satan should say when we awake; wouldn't that be awesome? We ARE a threat to him, and we are God's little army.
    And I will admit that coffee is hard to not think of first thing in the morning…

  3. Even as I read this, I could just see the Father gathering you in His arms and whisperng, “Now THIS is the prayer I long to hear and love the answer!” He is such a “softie” for hearts that run and seek after Him — He just can't help but turn towards you, Nacole! Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to wait until we are perfect to have a relationship with Him????? And knowing God, He's probably sitting in that chair with His coffee already poured just waiting for you to get yours. Pour Him one tomorrow, and as you sip together, share your dreams and burdens for the day. He'd love it!

  4. Kelly, Ro, Alexandra Anne, and Amy,

    thank you so much ladies for your kind words. all of your words…i can't say how much they mean. *thank you*. i must go nap now for a hot date! {that means i'm getting old, so naps are required for dates now} blessings on your weekend, ladies!

  5. Cora..i can't say with mere words what this means to me…you are always tearing me up. and you make me laugh too. that is the best kind of friend. i will do what you said–i've taken it to heart. blessings on your weekend!

  6. Wake me with the sunrise… I feel the pulse of this. Beautiful. Just gorgeous. My heart beats with this prayer, thank you for putting these things to words.

  7. I love your heart… and this beautiful supplication and cry to Abba… The work you are doing is a great one… First to your family and then to us mamas… You encourage me more than you know… Blessings and love to you…

  8. Danae,

    dear friend!! how are you able to comment regularly now? did you figure out the evil trickery your computer/phone has been playing on you? i am so happy to *see* you. *you* and your words are precious to me.

  9. oh my! a visit from Lisa-Jo! i'm honored. thank you so much for stopping by and i am glad you enjoyed it. that makes my heart pitter-patter! love that you left the blog open to listen while you read posts. makes me feel i'm doing something right with my choice of elements on my blog! thanks!:)

  10. sweet Michele,

    i love *your* heart. you are a special friend. oh, i can't say what your words mean–*tearing up*–guess i'm a little bit of a softie, because you guys make me cry all the time with your comments. love to you!

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