Us Just Dust

What do I do with a heart given to me stone cold?

When it wants to reel me in, make me stand at attention,

But it doesn’t know how to hold

All day, the tears pour down

But all is silence, not a sound

And the apologies won’t come

There is a steel wall that I can’t get through

As hard as I try to call him back,

I am breathless in my effort

So empty am I of love

How my soul yearns for things to be loosed on Earth as they are above

I need the help of someone bigger than me

I need His eyes to see this tangled mess

How I want the earth to shift back into place again

Just let me without feigning touch your face

God never expected us to live this way

Oh Father help me in this fallen state

Where the pain is mind-numbing

And I don’t know how to fix us

God, let the three-chord strand hold thick, You the creator, us just dust

Shared with Emily…you will surely be blessed by visiting there!

13 thoughts on “Us Just Dust”

  1. Goodness. Such raw, aching words are found here. May the Lord bless you and keep you, making you stronger in His love, dear one! May that three-cord strand grow stronger than ever.

    Blessings be with you!

  2. Hugs…love and prayers to you…light will come…you will see…feel…and hope will rise within you…You are loved by the most beautiful LOVE in the universe…I pray that liquid Love will pour down upon you…filling all all the soul holes…
    much love to you sweet nacole…

  3. Sarah,

    so nice to see you here! thanks for taking the time to write down some encouraging words for me. as it always goes with marriage, it grows slowly over time. thanking God He is with us in all our trials.



  4. Ro,

    hey you! thank you for your continued support and encouragement. it is a light to me. just going through some hard trials over here with illness, children, life, marriage, you know…so thankful He is with us and never leaves us and His grace continues to pour over us. when i wrote this, it was a hard few days, but i do feel God filling all the soul holes of me! i contemplated whether to share it, but i know that honesty and vulnerability is the only way to heal and to heal others.

    blessings, friend,


  5. So sorry you are in a season of pain and heaviness. I just wrote about change and hope over at my place. Maybe it will encourage you. Pray you have relief from what weighs heavy soon. At just the right time. He always rescues us at just the right time.

  6. hi Shelley,

    thank you so much. yes, it has been a long season, but i cling to Him through all things. He is my hope. i went to your place and read–very encouraging. looking for hope, yes, this is something my heart says yes to.



  7. We can't make it without Him, can we! That He gathers our tears, that He understands our grief, our struggle more than we do – and with Him, with Him in the mix – it makes all the difference for the end of each day and the beginning of the next! Beautiful, poignant poem,Nacole!

  8. Nacole, that post took guts, girl! I've had similar struggles, and the Liar keeps whispering, “He's not listening.” My soul knows better. My Daddy catches the tears, feels the pain, and pursues me at my weakest moment.

    Just like He does for you.

    And the answers will come. So many that they'll fall like rain and soak you to the skin. That's when you'll get to dance in the puddles and gaze at the rainbow.

    Storms are never forever, but they can sure feel like it. Hold on girl, our Father calms the storms.

  9. Maryleigh!

    so happy to see you here as always…and what a wise thing you have written here. you are always right and thank you so much.

    blessings dear friend,


  10. hi Layla,

    oh so good to see you here. hmmm…its like salve to the soul when you say you have had similar struggles…thank you for that. i love this: “my Daddy cathches the tears, feels the pain, and pursues me at my weakest moment.”

    i will be carrying that in my heart this week. thank you, dear Layla.



  11. Emily,

    its always a bit of heaven to see you here and to hear your words. you have such grace. that you've prayed these same prayers…thank you for that, friend.



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